cascara Sagrada

Cascara is an herbal extract derived from the aged bark of the cascara sagrada plant (Rhamnus purshiana). Native to the Pacific Northwest, cascara had been used medicinally by Native Americans for centuries, introducing it to 16th century Spanish explorers. Native Americans called cascara “sacred bark” for its ability to treat various digestive and intestinal problems such as constipation, hemorrhoids, parasite infections, and colon and gallbladder disorders. Current research is confirming its traditional use, finding that cascara may have health benefits including laxative, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, digestive, and anticancer effects.[1-5] Commercially, cascara has been used for decades in laxative formulations in the U.S. and Europe. Cascara is found in several over-the-counter laxatives, including Doxidan and Peri-Colace.

Cascara contains several bioactive principles including anthraquinone and cascarosides that may have antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ulcer benefits.[1-5] Research suggests that cascara may improve viral immunity by disrupting and inactivating viral envelopes.[2-3] Research has also found that cascara may relieve inflammation and gastric ulcers by decreasing gastric acid and pepsin output and increasing gastric mucus secretion.

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