Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin

Another Vitamin B-compound that is essential to one's overall health is Vitamin B12, or cobalamins. It is named after the metal cobalt because Vitamin B12 contains both the chemical characteristics of the metal and its unique color. Cobalamins is required for an assortment of functions located throughout the body. It is primarily stored in the liver and plays a key role in the intrinsic factor, or IF, before being released for absorption in the bloodstream. The IF is a substance which provides the body with the ability to absorb Vitamin B12 from the digestive system.

Cobalamins functions as a coenzyme and aids in the synthesis of DNA and RNA. These nucleic acids contain the makeup of genetic coding and genetic material(s). Vitamin B12's primary, and most important, role is in the consistent regeneration of the folate coenzyme (THF). DNA synthesis would be dramatically affected is this regeneration did not take place. Cells in the body would be deficient. The maintenance of the central nervous system, and the growth and reproduction processes of our bodies would cease.

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