Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera) (seed)

Grape seed extract is made from the small seeds of the grape. It is sometimes obtained from the skins as well. Grape seed extract is extremely high in proanthocyanidins, and it is this constituent that is attributed to the majority of grape seed's remedial powers. Proanthocyanidins are considered to be very potent antioxidants; formed from a larger group of molecules known as flavonoids, or bioflavonoids.

Proanthocyanidin flavonoids are thought to be one of the most beneficial of all known antioxidants. It has been suggested that these compounds are more effective at quenching free radicals than their vitamin and mineral-based counterparts; including Vitamin C and Vitamin E, and the carotenoid, beta-carotene.

The high antioxidant activity of grape seed extract allows it to be a useful therapy for heart disease, eye conditions, cancer, and inflammatory conditions; as well as a protective molecule against the development of chronic disease and other unfavorable health conditions.

Products Containing Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera) (seed)
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Cardiolin $24.95
$0.83 30 Progressive Health


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