Vitamin E (Acetate)

Vitamin E is the most controversial vitamin listed in the category of the fat soluble nutrients. This is due to the relative unknown effects associated with Vitamin E. The past decade has led to debates of this vitamin as a “cure-all” supplement. It has been claimed to prevent cancer, slow down aging, prevent heart attacks, and to cure many other chronic illnesses. The fact remains that nutritional scientists have yet to discover the full benefits and many uses associated with Vitamin E.

What science has proven, is that Vitamin E is a well digested, potent antioxidant (a substance that prevents or delays oxidation). It exists in a group of fat soluble compounds called tocopherols, consisting in eight different forms in all. The most abundant or biologically available form for human consumption is Alpha-tocopherol. This form is stored primarily in the adipose, muscle, and liver tissues.

Products Containing Vitamin E (Acetate)
Name Price Rating Serving Price # of Servings Manufacturer Health Condition
Lifters Liquid Multi $15.95
$0.53 30 Pharmagenx
Ny-Tro Pro-40 $49.95
$2.50 20 AST
Vigor $19.95
$0.66 30 Designer Supplements


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