Vitamin B1 (as Thiamin Mononitrate)

‘Water-Soluble B' is a term created by scientists in the early 1900's, used to describe the chemical substance that prevented/cured the disease of beriberi. Today, Americans are now very familiar with the group of compounds known as B vitamins. The family of B-vitamin compounds is quite multifaceted; scientists often reference these nutrients as the “B-complex” vitamins. “In general, these individual B vitamins each come from food and attach to their own specific proteins made in [various cells in the body], then become enzymes that carry out a variety of crucial metabolic function.” [1] All B vitamins are water-soluble and there are eight of these vitamins in all; they are:

Vitamin B1 was the first in the family of B vitamins to be discovered. In 1912, unknown to scientists at the time, thiamine (B1) was the B-vitamin responsible for thwarting onset of beriberi in humans. Thiamine is well absorbed, but because of its water-solubility, Vitamin B1 must be supplemented in the diet on a daily basis. Those particularly at risk at thiamine deficiencies are alcoholics, chronic dieters, or individuals who are suffering from malnutrition. [2] As with all nutrients, one's intake, absorption, and daily need, all play an instrumental part in the overall development of a vitamin deficiency.

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