Vanadium (as vanadium sulfate)

Vanadium remains a relatively unknown trace element, as its uses are still being targeted in various clinical applications worldwide. There is little information available concerning the biochemical reactions that result upon human ingestion of this trace mineral. Scientists have discovered, however, that like selenium, vanadium's content in food is directly dependant upon the concentrations present in the soil. Once consumed, vanadium is stored primarily in fatty tissues, with the remaining amounts stored in the kidney, liver, spleen, or bone.

The human body contains roughly 20 - 25 milligrams of vanadium that is distributed throughout the body, mainly in the organs listed above. Because little is known about its functioning in the human body, there is speculation over its essentiality in our daily diet. In the past, vanadium was prescribed as a common ‘cure-all' when taken in extreme dosages. We now know that excessive intake of vanadium is unnecessary and may possibly contribute to toxicity in humans. More research is necessary to further discover vanadium bioavailability and its targeted application in higher species (i.e. human beings).

Products Containing Vanadium (as vanadium sulfate)
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Balance Point for Men $29.95
$1.00 30 Progressive Health
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