Valine (BCAA)

Valine is classified as an essential amino acid and is a member of the branched-chain amino acid family. Molecularly, valine possesses similarities found in both isoleucine and leucine in regards to its overall structure and function. Valine is formed via the hydrolysis of specific proteins. Hydrolysis refers to a chemical reaction that takes place when water is used to form a given compound.

Valine is abundant in virtually all muscular tissue in the body. It is critical for processes relating to muscle metabolism, tissue repair, and nitrogen balance. [1] A precursor in the penicillin biosynthetic pathway, valine may also be used as an alternate source of energy by muscular tissues. Valine is rare among amino acids, in that it produces a stimulating effect within the body. Despite this characteristic, valine remains an essential component of nearly all proteins consumed in the human diet.

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