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St Johns Wort Latin Name: Hypericum perforatum St Johns Wort Commonly referenced as: Common Goatweed or Klamath Weed

Ancient European, North African, and Asian civilizations have used St. Johns Wort for centuries, both ornamentally and as a potent medicinal herb. Some cultures in these lands even believed that this shrub-like perennial plant held magical properties. Americans, being intrigued by its medicinal and purposed magical properties, imported St. Johns Wort in the late 17th century. From its inception in Northern America, St. Johns Wort has continued to gain popularity as an alternative treatment option for a host of physical and psychological conditions.

St. Johns Wort's
key medicinal ingredients are hypericin, pseudohypericin, and hyperforin. These pigments are found in both the leaves and flowers of the plant. Supplemental St. Johns Wort is available in dried and powdered forms, with the majority of products being standardized to contain a 0.3% hypericin content. Hypericin was once thought to be the chief component regarding the herb's therapeutic effects, but recent studies indicate that hyperforin may produce the most effective mood-enhancing effects. [1] This is of great importance due to the ever-increasing popularity of St. Johns Wort supplements for various psychological conditions.

Therapeutically, St. Johns Wort primary use continues to be in the areas of emotional stability, primarily its ability to counteract feelings of depression by increasing the release of the brain chemical serotonin. Nutritional scientists now recommend an extract to contain standardized 0.3% hypericin and 3.0% hyperforin. St Johns Wort has not only been used for depression. It has been employed for treating specific forms of anxiety, addiction, immunity, and healing.

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