Serine is a nonessential amino acid that can be metabolized from either threonine or glycine. This production, however, requires substantial amounts of vitamin B3 , vitamin B6, and folic acid. Serine was first isolated in 1865 from a silk protein (sericin), and its benefits to proper functioning in the human body are numerous and extremely beneficial.

Serine is an amino acid that is readily assimilated for use by the digestive system. After digestion, serine's inclusion within phospholipids (fatty compounds) is paramount, as it is one of many important constituents found in cellular membranes. It is an integral component of “brain proteins and the protective myelin sheath that covers [fragile] nerve fibers.” [1] Serine also provides for the synthesis of creatine, and certain RNA and DNA nucleotides; specifically purines and pyrimidines.

Being a natural moisturizing agent, serine can be found in various skin creams and skin care preparations.

Products Containing Serine
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Casein Protein $25.99
$0.96 27 Optimum Nutrition
Genuine Brewers Yeast $6.90
$0.22 32 Twinlab
Lean Body Chocolate Peanut Butter $48.95
$2.45 20 Labrada
Lean Body Mass $26.24
$2.92 9 Labrada
Myoplex Deluxe $99.99
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ProV60 $29.81
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Superior Amino 2222 $17.99
$0.12 150 Optimum Nutrition
Whey Gourmet $27.95
$0.93 30 PVL
Whey Matrix $26.00
$0.37 71 ISS


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