Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushrooms are sometimes referred to as Ling Chih or Ling Zhi. Its medicinal use dates back to some of the oldest Chinese pharmacopoeia written, documented in the first century B.C. Reishi was highly valued at this time, and had the most medical applications of all medicines contained in the pharmacopoeia. Reishi is difficult to find growing in the wild, as it is very slow growing, making it a highly valued herb. More recently, however, it has been successfully cultivated ‘in captivity' and is now widely available in various dietary supplements. Despite the long history of reishi use in traditional medicine, intensive research investigations are just beginning because of it new found availability. Studies aim for an understanding of reishi's relevance in human health. Current trials are focused on: * conditions of the cardiovascular system * diabetes * antiviral and antibacterial properties * hepatoprotective effects * anticancer benefit * immunological functiong * anti-aging properties

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Prenox D7 $34.95
$1.17 30 Progressive Health AIDS & HIV


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