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Raspberry Tones


Raspberry Ketone is a popular fat-burning supplement for safe reduction of body fat and weight loss. Raspberry Tones contains several proven natural fat burners and raspberry ketone, a powerful substance covered extensively by the media and doctors. Raspberry Ketone is a non-prescription supplement available online and in some health stores, and is backed by a 60 day guarantee.


A popular natural supplement for dieters, raspberry ketone has shown great promise in recent studies. Raspberry Tones customers report fast, safe results from usage. Faster results are achieved with proper diet and exercise. Raspberry Tones contains only natural ingredients and is free of the most common side effects of weight loss medications.


Surging popularity from media coverage and celebrity endorsements has made Raspberry Tones back-ordered at many retail stores. Can be difficult to order outside the United States due to customs regulation.

Is it for you?

Dieters looking to lose fat with natural products are the largest group of raspberry ketone users. Raspberry ketone is especially popular for those who cannot use prescription medications due to side effects, since it is well tolerated by most individuals. Not recommended for users under the age of 18 or those attempting to gain size or mass.

Dosage and Directions

Take 2 capsules daily, on an empty stomach. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Not recommended for those with severe fruit allergies, or those taking prescription weight loss medications. Raspberry ketone should be used for several consecutive months for best results.

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