Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperita) (leaf)

Peppermint, or varieties of the modern plant, has been used medicinally since the heydays of the Greeks and Romans, who used the plant's essence in cooking, wine and as a medicinal remedy. Prior to their time, the Egyptians cultivated peppermint and it was later mentioned in the Icelandic pharmacopoeia in the thirteenth century. Peppermint did not become part of the medicinal compendium in modern times until it was reintroduced in Western Europe in the mid-eighteenth century.

Early herbal medicine texts mention peppermint as a good remedy for raising internal heat and inducing perspiration', and was recommended as an early treatment for colds to affect a cure. Peppermint is known as a stomachic (aids and improves the action of the stomach) and as a carminative, which is typically defined as a plant rich in aromatic volatile oils that assists in proper digestive tract function, soothing the gut, decreasing inflammatory conditions, and helps with expelling gas from the digestive tract. Having these actions, peppermint is most suited for certain types of indigestion, typically flatulence and colic. It is also useful for treating sharp cramping pains beneath the diaphragm. Apart from the leaves of the plant, peppermint oil is the most widely used volatile oil in medicine and other commercial purposes. Peppermint oil exerts the strongest anti-spasmodic action of any other volatile oil, and is widely used in medicines for this purpose.

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