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PatentHEALTH's commitment to quality is among the best in the industry. From the moment our products leave the clinical testing lab to the time our consumers open the package; they can be assured that strict quality standards have been applied.
As a company with a solid foundation in science, PatentHEALTHSM is focused on providing the highest quality, most effective and safest products that modern science has to offer. Each product we develop is directly supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence uncovered through well-designed and conducted clinical trials and other reliable scientific sources.

PatentHEALTHSM selects only premium ingredients, and all of our products are routinely tested for purity and ingredient quantity under controlled laboratory conditions.

Name Price Rating Serving Price # of Servings Health Condition
Trigosamine $28.38
$0.95 30 Osteoarthritis


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