N-Acetyl Glucosamine

Glucosamine is a molecule that is part of a major biomolecular group called glycosaminoglycans. [1] This category of large complexes exist as negatively charged carbohydrate chains that are usually associated with proteins. What makes glycosaminoglycans essential for joint function is their ability to bind large amounts of water, which produces a gel-like extracellular matrix. A web of ground substance made of glycosaminoglycans is interspersed with insoluble protein fibers, making up the connective tissues found in joint cavities and other locations throughout the body. Varying amounts of the ground substance containing tissue fluid, along with the given amount of fibrous proteins, denotes connective tissue types; either collagen, reticular, or elastic fibres.

Glucosamine is a basic building block of the carbohydrate portion of glycosaminoglycans. The unbranched heteropolysaccahride is made up of a repeating string of an amino sugar joined to an acidic sugar. Glucosamine, as its name implies, is the amino sugar. It also functions to stimulate proteoglycan synthesis, inhibit proteoglycan catabolsim, and works to incorporate sulfur into cartilage. [2] When cartilage is damaged experimentally, glucosamine rebuilds it.

Glucosamine sulfate is the most popular form of glucosamine taken as a nutritional supplement. Some researchers have even suggested that the sulfated form appears to have a particular affinity for cartilage and other joint tissues. [3] However, Glucosamine hydrochloride has provided for similar efficacy, and may be a more relevant choice as it is not stablized with sodium chloride. The hydrochloride form offers a more concentrated source of glucosamine, as there is no need to stabilize glucosamine hydrochloride with salt.

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