Molybdenum (as amino acid chelate)

Molybdenum is a referenced to as a ‘transition' metal and very rare trace mineral. However its importance cannot be underestimated, as it is essential for all living things. Molybdenum is located throughout our bodies in various tissues, cells, and boney structures. It is used as a cofactor in three particular enzymes, all of which are important in the chemical transformations occurring in the carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur cycles. [1] In humans, molybdenum also function as a cofactor for three specific enzymes:

  • Sulfite oxidase - responsible for metabolizing sulfur-containing amino acids for uses in the body.
  • Xanthine oxidase - breaks down nucleotides; the precursors to our genetic codes (DNA and RNA). The byproduct of this reaction is uric acid. Because of this chemical reaction, uric acid may provide for antioxidant capabilities in our blood and lymphatic systems.
  • Aldehyde oxidase - in association with xanthine oxidase, this enzyme helps to metabolize certain toxins and drugs ingested in the human body.

Currently, researches have indicated that sulfite oxidase is the only enzyme, of the before mentioned three, that humans cannot survive without. [2] All of the enzymes and their associated properties are vital in the overall growth and health of humans.

Products Containing Molybdenum (as amino acid chelate)
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