Lysine is among the most common of all amino acids. From a nutritional standpoint, it is classified as essential; meaning that it cannot be metabolized within the human body and must be obtained from external dietary sources or supplements. Lysine is most concentrated in muscle tissue. It remains a central component in processes relating to energy production, growth and development, and maintenance of lean body mass.

Lysine provides for other fundamental processes within the human body as well. It is principal in the production of carnitine, an amino acid which has been shown to lower cholesterol by assisting the body in the conversion of fatty acids. Lysine is also a key ingredient in collagen formation. Collagen is important for the integrity of bone and connective tissues; including tendon, cartilage, and skin. The absorption and conservation of calcium is equally dependant upon adequate lysine levels. [1]

The importance of lysine in roles of growth and development may be among its most significant responsibilities. Infants and children often require a substantially greater amount than adults. Sufficient amounts of lysine must be achieved because of its incorporation into certain bodily proteins. These specific proteins allow for vital physiological tasks to be accomplished, including the production of specialized hormones, enzymes, and disease-fighting antibodies.

Of special interest, lysine is widely employed in the cooking process. It is often used in the browning reaction (carmelization) of pastries, cookies, cereals, and doughnuts. As lysine and sugar become connected in this process, the absorption of lysine is severely inhibited.

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