Despite its smaller size and structural disadvantages, no amino acid may be more important to protein construction than Alanine. Alanine remains the second smallest of all twenty plus amino acids. Glycine is the only amino that is smaller and simpler in construction than Alanine. It is clear that this nonessential amino acid remains an important element of human muscle tissue, and is integral in the development of proteins throughout our bodies.

First isolated in 1879, alanine is processed from glutamate in muscle cells through a process defined as transamination. Transamination is a complex process in which there is a transfer of an amine group (organic compounds containing nitrogen) of a particular acid to one molecule (ketone acid) on another acid. This process takes place in alanine, resulting in the creation of pyruvic and glutamic acids. Alanine is also important because of the liver's ability to transform this simple amino acid into pyruvate.

Pyruvate is the beginning compound responsible for starting the Krebs cycle. This energy cycle is critical in producing ATP (energy) from specific chemical and enzymatic activities. Pyruvate may also provide benefits in cellular respiration and aid in the inhibition of body fat. Alanine is also transferred to a-ketoglutarate, and like pyruvate, is an organic compound that provides for a variety of critical processes in the body. A-ketoglutarate may provide a beneficial effect on the body's anabolic properties, hormones, and immune system response.

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