Although considered essential, histidine use in adult physiology remains quite limited. This amino acid is often referred to as “semi-, or conditionally essential.” Adults, seemingly, never need to supplement their diets with histidine due to the manufacturing process taking place in the liver from other amino acids. However, children and infants are the exception. This is due to the importance of proper growth and development. In this demographic (infants and children) histidine is considered essential and must be obtained from the diet.

Histidine is one of the most common of all naturally occurring amino acids. It is found in large concentrations in skeletal muscle. The dipeptides found in muscle (anserine and carnosine) are both comprised of one part L-Histamine, and one part beta-alanine.

Histidine's primary responsibility lies within its ability to aid the human body with the growth and repair of tissues. It also serves as the primary amino acid responsible for maintaining the myelin sheaths that surround and protect delicate nerve cells. This amino acid is also a significant component in many fundamental human metabolic processes. It aids in the production of red and white blood cells, increases sexual functioning in adults, helps to regulate and stabilize blood pressure, and assists in ridding the body of (metallic) toxins via the circulatory system.

Histidine is also the precursor to histamine biosynthesis. Histamine is the compound released by the immune system during an allergic or inflammatory reaction.

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