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HairTopia's botanically-derived supplements are formulated to increase the rate of hair growth in men and women. The HairTopia program includes an introductory HairTopia Basic plan (vitamins and amino acids) and the HairTopia Total plan (vitamins, amino acids and Herbal Plus). HairTopia consists of two steps: Step One includes 11 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary for proper hair growth. Step Two contains 4200mgs. of 18 amino acids plus MSM.

HairTopia products contain nutrients derived from herbs and botanicals that help make the hair healthier and grow faster. The vitamins and minerals supplement includes eleven hair-enhancing ingredients such as niacinamide, biotin, folic acid, iron, choline, and inositol. The amino acids supplement includes MSM with 18 amino acids such as L-lysine, L-cystine, and L- arginine. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a naturally occurring, sulfur-containing compound. Sulfur is an essential component of hair and skin.

The Herbal Plus supplement includes additional nutrients and herbs such as oat straw, green tea, comfrey, nettle leaf, FoTi, and horsetail. Animal studies suggest that green tea extract can stimulate significant hair regrowth. Horsetail is rich in silicon, a vital component of hair and nails. Foti is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tonic to increase vitality. Nettles has been traditionally used to stimulate hair growth. Comfrey contains mucilage and allantoin compounds that have wound-healing effects. Comfrey roots and young leaves contain dangerous compounds known as pyrrolizidine alkaloids that should not be taken internally. Comfrey mature leaves contain little, if any, of these alkaloids.


HairTopia is available in 30, 60 and 90 day plans, with a 45 day money back guarantee.

Hair Formula 37 has the following benefits:

  • Hair botanicals increase rate of hair growth
  • All-natural products for men and women
  • Herbs and vitamins promote healthy hair


Large amounts of arginine can lead to diarrhea, weakness and nausea. Arginine may promote viral growth and replication, such as genital herpes.

FoTi, MSM and nettles may cause mild diarrhea and skin rash.

Comfrey root and young leaf preparations should not be taken internally unless they are guaranteed pyrrolizidine-free.

Niacin may cause flushing, GI upset and headache in some people.

Pregnant or lactating women, people with pre-existing medical conditions or those taking medications should consult a physician before taking HairTopia.

Be aware that some drugs may interact with the nutrients in HairTopia including but not limited to:

  • Atorvastatin
  • Benztropine
  • Carbidopa
  • Carbidopa/Levodopa
  • Cerivastatin
  • Fluvastatin
  • Gemfibrozil
  • Gimepride
  • HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins)
  • Isoniazid
  • Lovastatin
  • Minocycline
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Pravastatin
  • Repaglinide
  • Resuvastatin
  • Simvastatin
  • Tetracycline
  • Thioridazine
  • Tricyclic antidepressants

Is it for you?

If you want to naturally increase your hair growth, consider HairTopia.

If you are looking for a clinically proven male hair loss supplement, visit

However, pregnant or lactating women, people with pre-existing medical conditions or those taking medications should consult a physician before taking HairTopia.

Women suffering from hair loss should consider all-natural Sephren

Dosage and Directions

Take 2 vitamins and minerals capsules daily.

Take 4 to 6 of amino acids capsules daily.

Take 2 Herbal Plus capsules daily.

HairTopia Supplement Facts

Serving Size:
Servings Per Container: 0
  Amount Per Serving Daily Value
Biotin 200mcg *
Calcium 50mg *
Choline (as bitartarate) 980mg *
Copper 4mg *
Folic Acid 800mcg *
Inositol 60mg *
Iodine 100mcg *
L-Alanine 93mg *
L-Arginine 409mg *
L-Aspartic Acid 362mg *
L-Cysteine 630mg *
L-Glutamic Acid 65mg *
L-Glycine 75mg *
L-Histidine 193mg *
L-Isoleucine 478mg *
L-Leucine 415mg *
L-Lysine 90mg *
L-Methionine 118mg *
L-Methionine 170mg *
L-Phenylalanine 130mg *
L-Proline 170mg *
L-Serine 130mg *
L-Threonine 179mg *
L-Tryptophan 91mg *
L-Tyrosine 137mg *
L-Valine 148mg *
MSM 30mg *
Manganese 10mg *
Niacinamide 70mg *
Pantothenic Acid 200mg *
Para Amino Benzoic Acid 217mg *
Selenium 40mcg *
Vitamin A 2000IU *
Vitamin B12 6mcg *
Vitamin B5 20mg *
Zinc 30mg *
* Daily Value not established

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Procerin with Hairtopia

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Tuesday, 27 April 2010
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I was using this product in conjuction with Procerin for Male Hair loss ( I found them effective to use together both for hair regrowth in the balding areas, and faster hair growth all around