1st STEP For Energy began in 1999 after a coach from an elite university sports program lamented to founder Jay Cicero the need for a high-quality, great tasting liquid supplement that his athletes would actually take – every day – all season long. In response, 1st STEP Liquid Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement was formulated, and today over 175 professional and university athletic teams purchase 1st STEP Supplements for the athletes under their care.

We've long heard from athletes that depend on 1st STEP Supplements, says Jay. It is exciting to now get calls from elderly people, businessmen and women – people from all walks of life - who make sure they start everyday with 1st STEP Supplements. 1st STEP Supplements are universally beneficial!

We are very purposeful when developing new products. Only supplements with demonstrable health benefits are considered, and we spend months perfecting each formulation. Staying away from trendy herbs and chemicals, our goal is pretty simple; develop the highest quality liquid supplements possible, make them taste great - good enough to take everyday, even on an empty stomach.

• Liquids – for superior absorption
• Great tasting – to ensure daily, consistent supplementation
• Convenience – a unique bottle that premeasures and dispenses all-in-one

Quality and commitment to health are our core values and we consider it a great privilege to provide products that make a difference in people’s health and well being. We're committed to setting aside portions of our proceeds to help those that either can’t afford regular supplementation or would not otherwise have availability to supplements through various charitable organizations such as Feed the Children and Vitamin Relief USA. The satisfaction of being able to help someone in need meet their daily physical demands is immeasurable and seeing the benefits to a chronically nutritionally compromised little boy or older woman is extraordinary!

We truly believe 1st STEP Supplements to be the most effective, best tasting liquid nutritional supplements available. Elite athletes, children, the elderly, baby boomers, and weekend warriors purchase 1st STEP Supplements because they work!

Name Price Rating Serving Price # of Servings Health Condition
1st Step Liquid Joint Support $8.43
$0.53 16
1st Step Liquid Vitamin B12 $15.69
$0.49 32


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