Golden Seal

Goldenseal is also called Eye Balm, Ground Raspberry, Indian Paint, Jaundice Root, and Yellow Root. It is a small shrub-like perennial that reaches heights approaching 1 foot. It has large broad leaves and produces a single red raspberry-like berry that is not edible. [1] It has a large yellow root or rhizome, and it is this part of the plant that is used medicinally. The plant has a very bitter taste that is recognizable in any preparation; as well as a disagreeable odor when one encounters the plant in the wild.

is native to North America, particularly within the mountainous regions of the Eastern United States. Because of potential health benefits concerning its supplementation, goldenseal has been over harvested in those areas and is now considered a threatened herb. Luckily, it is still cultivated in the Pacific Northwest and is available for use as a medicinal herb. [2]

The Native Americans first introduced goldenseal to Western herbalists in the early 19th century. It also has historical reference for use by the Chinese and Ayurvedic herbalists. Traditionally goldenseal was used as a remedy for stomach ailments, skin diseases, wounds, and eye infections. [3]

The main constituents in Goldenseal responsible for its purported medicinal activiy are its alkaloids. The three alkaloids with the greatest percentage in Goldenseal are berberine, hydrastine, and canadine. Other constituents found in goldenseal include volatile oils and resins. [4] The alkaloids give Goldenseal most of its therapeutic action by being anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, a bitter digestive stimulant, and a mild laxative. Berberine also provides for mild cardiovascular effects including increasing the force of the heartbeat, while decreasing the overall rate of the heartbeat. [5] The resins lend some styptic action, while the volatile oils may stimulate the uterus.

Today Goldenseal is widely used for many ailments of the mucous membranes, a tissue which it has a specific affinity for. It can be equally helpful in conditions of the digestive tract, genitourinary tract, mouth, eyes, and skin.

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