Glutamine Peptide

Dymatize's Glutamine features 100% pure pharmaceutical grade glutamine, micronized for maximum absorption. L-glutamine is a nonessential amino acid that may become conditionally essential if demand for it exceeds the body's ability to produce it. Certain conditions such as a vegan/vegetarian diet, prolonged exercise, or physical stress (such as infection, burns and injury) can deplete glutamine levels, making adequate dietary intake or supplementation necessary.

Glutamine helps the immune system function optimally, enhances protein synthesis in body tissues and promotes muscle growth. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They are essential to the human body and needed to build the proteins used in the growth, repair, and maintenance of muscle. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle. Over 60% of amino acids in muscle consist of glutamine. Supplementation with glutamine can help promote muscle energy, repair and recovery.

Studies suggest that following competition and intense exercise activity, glutamine levels may be reduced by as much as 50% in muscles. Glutamine supplementation can help athletes prevent muscle tissue breakdown (catabolic) and promote muscle building (anabolic). One study showed a 400% increase in growth-hormone levels when 2 grams of glutamine was supplemented.

Products Containing Glutamine Peptide
Name Price Rating Serving Price # of Servings Manufacturer Health Condition
Creatine Max $16.82
$0.19 90 Apex
Extreme XXL $22.99
$2.30 10 ABB
Myoplex Deluxe $99.99
$2.78 36 EAS
Recover X $31.99
$2.00 16 Muscle Link
Serious Mass $22.99
$2.87 8 Optimum Nutrition


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