All of us are familiar with being tired after a period of over exertion, or perhaps a bout of the flu.

But for some, the tiredness is not alleviated and becomes a condition that begins to affect activities of daily living. Many don't understand that their lack of energy is not optimal, and many times, consider their energy-output normal. The majority of individuals often disregard the symptoms of chronic fatigue, attributing indicators to over working and lack of sleep. While these are many times valid explanations, fatigue that persists must be investigated.

Fatigue can affect all people. Regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic class, there are a multitude of reasons why someone may experience low energy over prolonged periods of time.


It may be caused by endocrine disturbances, such as hypothyroidism, premenstrual syndrome, or Addison's disease; Attributed to sleep disturbances, such as sleep apnea or insomnia; Emotional imbalances, like depression; Conditions with immune involvement, such as a viral illness; Blood loss or inadequate blood cell production stemming from anemia: Or perhaps, the fatigue may be caused by something more obvious, like periods of high stress or inadequate nutritional intake.


Whatever the reasoning, chronic fatigue is paralleled with many chronic diseases, including certain forms of cancer. While most fatigue is due to an unhealthy lifestyle choice, the fact remains that this condition may be associated with a more serious underlying condition. If a clear reason cannot be determined and treated, a more thorough evaluation must be completed by specialized tests and procedures.

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