Eucalyptus (leaf)

The Eucalyptus tree is indigenous to both Australia and Tasmania. It is classified as an evergreen species, and is considered the most popular of all Australian flora. They are among the tallest trees in the world and are of considerable economic relevance in Australia's states. The eucalyptus tree provides timber, kino resin, industrial oils, and medicinal oils for exportation and for in-country use.

Eucalyptus are also one of the most popular trees in the world. The Koala Bear, an indigenous marsupial to Australia, has given the tree immeasurable recognition. As the country's mascot, the Koala is found only in the eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia. Its entire livelihood is dependant upon this plant. The eucalyptus provides Koalas their only food source, and affords these vulnerable animals shelter and protection. Australian aborigines essentially referenced the Koala for their own dietary benefit, using the tree as a natural treatment for fever and skin lesions. The benefits of the eucalyptus tree have been well received by persons throughout the world and is now cultivated for use in various nutraceutical applications.

There are some three hundred different species of the eucalyptus tree. The three main sources for medicinal harvesting are the common eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), Eucalyptus polybractea, and Eucalyptus smithii. [1] Although the bark of these trees is sometimes used in various eucalyptus supplements, the majority of health benefits are attributed to a specific compound found in the oil of the leaves. This volatile compound is known as cineole, or eucalyptol. [2] Another oil harvested from eucalyptus leaves, E. Citriodora, is often used for different aromatic preparations. In addition, these oils contain numerous beneficial phytochemicals, including quercetin and caffeic acid.

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