Our mission is to be unparalleled in the knowledge gained from scientific nutritional research and to apply that knowledge to the formulation of the most effective and safe performance nutrition supplements. We strive to develop an understanding and responsible use of those supplements in a program rooted in exercise and healthy living to enhance the physical and mental performance of all people who want to be their absolute best.

Focused Vision

Our vision is to accomplish something much more than merely creating a profitable corporation. It's about creating a lifestyle. We seek to educate, motivate, and empower people from all walks of life to embrace the EAS philosophy that a strong, healthy mind dwells within a strong, healthy body.

This ambitious and passionate vision is the heart and soul of the EAS Team of today. Now a global enterprise, our team works together as an entrepreneurial, intensely passionate group-all dedicated to one common goal-not to be the best in the league but to be in a league all our own.

Product Performance

At EAS, we firmly believe performance nutrition starts with the science behind the products. That's why we're dedicated to supporting university research to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of nutritional supplements as well as advancing the science of athletic performance and fitness. Our commitment to university research has not only established EAS as a leader in scientifically developed sports supplements but has also helped create a new level of credibility and consumer acceptance. This allows us to achieve our goal of increasing the size of the market, not just our share of it.

Name Price Rating Serving Price # of Servings Health Condition
100 Percent Whey Protein $44.89
$1.50 30
L-Glutamine $17.89
$0.22 80
Myoplex Carb Sense(MCS) $39.99
$2.00 20
Myoplex Deluxe $99.99
$2.78 36
Myoplex Lite $11.99
$0.29 42
Myoplex Original $44.96
$1.07 42
Myoplex RTD $34.95
$34.95 1
Phosphagen HP $18.79
$0.45 42


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