Di-Methyl Glycine

Although it is often categorized as a food, dimethylglycine is in fact a tertiary amino acid. It is an innate constituent of processes relating to both plant and animal metabolism. Dimethylglycine (DMG) is derived from the simplest of all amino acids, glycine. It is found in abundance in nearly all animal and plant cells, and serves as a transitional in the metabolism and conversion of choline to glycine.

Dimethylglycine's chemical structure resembles that of a water-soluble vitamin. This may provide information on why it is often labeled as a natural food supplement rather than an amino acid. Classifications of dimethylglycine as a vitamin are discredited, because symptoms associated with a deficiency of DMG are not known to exist.

DMG is absorbed for use by the small intestine. The liver then swiftly converts dimethylglycine into other useful metabolites by means of oxidative dimethylation. DMG serves as a building block to amino acids, hormones, neurotransmitters, and even DNA. It is thought to be a metabolic enhancer and aid in processes associated with those included in cellular respiration, immune response, and oxygen utilization within the body. [1] Dimethylglcyine may also play equally important roles in the prevention of fatigue and improvements in liver function.

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