Deer Antler Velvet

Deer velvet is comprised of the skin-like epidermal layer of tissue that covers growing antlers. [1] Deer velvet has been used in medicine for thousands of years; being first used in China over 2000 years ago. Reference to its use has been noted in scrolls recovered from this early time period. A relatively modern Chinese medical text (dating to the 16th century) lists deer velvet as a highly valuable therapeutic agent. Among it's many uses in Chinese medicine include; general tonic (well-being) , anti-aging, sexual function enhancement, immune function boosting, and energy enhancement.

Modern science has unveiled many other potential uses and effects of deer velvet, as research continues today. It has undergone a rapid resurgence in interest over the last 10 years. Like many other uncommon dietary supplements, modern science has begun to unravel the medicinal secrets of historically used medicines like deer velvet.

Products Containing Deer Antler Velvet
Name Price Rating Serving Price # of Servings Manufacturer Health Condition
Joint Matrix $23.95
$0.80 30 Cytosport Osteoarthritis


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