Copper (Copper Gluconate)

Copper is an essential trace mineral that is mainly obtained from diet and remains an essential mineral that is vital for optimal health. Copper fulfills various responsibilities within the many biochemical processes in human physiology. There are many benefits coupled with achieving a proper dietary intake of copper. Conversely, copper is a metal, and can also prove to be very toxic if consumed in large enough doses.

The essential aspect of copper was first demonstrated in Peru. Studies were conducted upon children whom were suffering from various unknown symptoms; now known to be caused by copper deficiency. Since this time, copper has been extensively researched. This mineral assumes roles in the overall development of the cardiovascular system (heart, arteries, and blood vessels), while also aiding in the development of the skeletal system. Copper's most important function may be its role in the metabolic processes of enzymes that are in direct relation to the brain, and associated neuropath ways.

Copper's use in infants is widely overlooked. It is significant in providing for such fundamental processes as; red and white blood cell maturation, brain and immune system development, and functions concerning the growth and overall health of the heart, particularly with rhythm (myocardial contractility).

As much as 2/3 of all absorbed copper is divided for miscellaneous processes taking place in the brain, liver, and bone structures. Other cells and tissues located throughout the body use the remaining supply. The liver and gall bladder regulate concentrations of copper through the process of excretion via bile. [1] The high bioavailability of this mineral is an undeviating result of copper bonding to certain proteins in the stomach, thereby making this mineral more usable in the absorption process of the upper intestine. It has also been suggested that in times of stress, the neurotransmitter epinephrine assists our bodies in the release of unbound and free copper. [2, 3]

There are various nutrients and enzymes related to the copper mineral compound, including certain minerals (azurite, bornite, and malachite) and sulfides (chalcosine, chalcopyrite, coveline, and cuprite). Alloys also represent copper in the form of brass and bronze, hence its toxicity to humans. Copper activity is also found in numerous “central” enzymes, including the copper/zinc enzyme superoxide dismutase, which supplies the oxygen carrying pigment hemocyanin; and most importantly, cytochroe C oxidase, which is fundamental in the oxygen regulation of the human body. [4] All of these biological properties are dependant upon the regularity of fluid balance in the body. A balance of fluid may produce an antioxidant effect against harmful free radicals.

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