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Constipation is defined as the passage of small dry bowel movements usually less than three times a week. Many people at some point in their life will suffer from these symptoms. There is no set number of bowel movements that one should have weekly; however less than three a week is considered an irregularity.

In fact, constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal conditions that Americans suffer from. The reasons that one is constipated are multifactorial. It can be secondary to a number of conditions; some related to lifestyle choices, while others result from an underlying medical condition.

Because there are so many causes of irregular bowels, it is very important that the onset of constipation be thoroughly investigated. Often, there is a simple solution. In some cases, however, a more serious condition such as a bowel obstruction or hypothyroidism (low functioning thyroid) needs to be ruled out first.

Most commonly, diet and lifestyle are big factors in those that suffer from constipation. Sedentary and overactive lifestyles are a major contributor to the irregularity of bowel movement. These inactive lifestyles may involve stationary jobs, where sitting for long periods of time is coupled with little or no physical activity; and where persons are consuming refined processed food. Interestingly, fast paced lifestyles, with little time for relaxation, also contribute to constipation.

The normal rhythm of the digestive system is suppressed and many become dependent on a “digestive crutch,” such as a morning latte or laxatives to stay regular.

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