Coleus Forskohlii (root) Forskolin 12 mg

Coleus forskohlii is a perennial bush that is native to India. It has aromatic green leaves that grow off erect stems, and can reach heights of 2 feet. This plant grows in well-drained soil located either in partial shade or full sun, and can be found in the foothills of the Himalayas. It also grows in parts of Eastern Africa, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Coleus was traditionally used as a folk medicine in India. It's most popular uses were for digestive complaints such as gas and bloating. In the 1970's, a group of scientists in Germany isolated the constituent forskolin from the root. Since then, coleus has gained popularity for uses attributed to the activity of its primary constituent, forskolin. Most of the research that has been done on coleus is actually on this chemical constituent, and not the activity of the whole plant.

Coleus contains two main constituents, the volatile oils and forskolin - a diterpene. The volatile oils are located high in the leaves and provide coleus with its carminative action. These oils are useful for complaints of the digestive system. The carminative action can relieve gas and bloating, as well as ease abdominal discomfort. Other carminative herbs include fennel, cinnamon, anise, and ginger.

Forskolin, which is found in the root, exerts its action by activating a cell-signaling molecule, adenylate cyclase. An important cell-signaling molecule, adenylate cyclase increases cyclic AMP, which is responsible for inducing various biochemical reactions in the body. The secretion of thyroid hormones and insulin, vasodilation of blood vessels and airways, and the regulation of pressure in the eye are all mediated by cyclic AMP (cAMP).

Coleus is considered an effective, alternative treatment for cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, asthma, and spasm of the GI tract.

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