Boron (Citrate)

Boron, a naturally occurring trace mineral, may prove to be essential in the many intricate processes occurring within human physiology. Although this mineral is unfamiliar to many individuals, it may play an important role in the overall health of our skeletal structure by assisting in metabolic bone processes. The majority of boron we consume is deposited in dental enamel, fingernails, blood, and most importantly, in our skeletal structure. Boron's ability to provide stability in bone mineral density has just been recently discovered by clinical researches within (approximately) the last two decades. This nutrient may be a key component in the health of bone tissue and in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Boron is readily converted to boric acid. Boric acid accounts for the most common form of boron found in our systems. Although boric acid itself does not provide our body with specific metabolic processes, it is found in many chemical substances in the body, including vitamins, carbohydrates, and nucleotides. When converted, boric acid provides the highest bioavailability for the internal process, ‘passive diffusion' via fluids circulating throughout our bodies. Medicinally, boric acid has also been used as an antiseptic for the eyes and skin.

As mentioned, boron/boric acid may provide for the many delicate processes associated with bone. It may be equally important in joint health, and further enhance the absorption of Vitamin D. Research has indicated that boron may also be integral in the body's utilization and conversion of the D vitamin. [2] This finding may prove critical in relation to calcium intake, as vitamin D is a primary factor in proper calcium absorption and use in the body.

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