Amino Acids

Living in today's modern society, where skinny is “in”, one cannot not ignore the high protein, low, or no-carbohydrate diets that are sweeping the nation in growing popularity. But to truly understand the reasoning behind this growing weight-loss trend, one must first realize what he/she is consuming. So, what exactly is protein?

Protein is a complex organic substance and is the building block for the majority of all of all biochemical processes taking place in the body. It's primary responsibility lies within the formation of vital body tissues, antibodies, and the creation of important enzymes and hormones. Protein is second to only water in regards to its overall abundance and availability in our bodies. It is distinguished from the other organic substances we consume (carbohydrates and fats), by nitrogen - containing nearly 17%. With the exception of certain fluids, bile, and urine, every living cell contains protein.

Protein is a vital nutrient. It consists of polymers that form amino acids and contains the elements: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Sulfur. Amino acids are also the end product of hydrolysis, or protein digestion. Amino acids bind together in peptide bonds to form a given protein. They can be thought of as separate train cars on a train track. Each individual car represents a different amino acid and defines the formation of a specific protein. There are 28 primary amino acids commonly referenced to define a given protein. A particular sequence of amino acids defines a given protein and translates to its action in the human body. A different chemical arrangement = different protein.

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